i'm alex, a photographer creating intimate and lifestyle portraits with a cinematic edge. i'm known for making images that make you look like the goddess-next-door, a movie icon in the making or a rockstar on their day off - while still capturing the essence of what makes you unique.

i call london, uk, home - but i live to travel, go on adventures and document the way i see the world. i'm married to paula, who i'm being nudged to say is the perfect woman (actually not far off...), we met on a photography workshop too, which i think is pretty cool. she'll always be my muse.

i like collecting and listening to vinyl, vintage design and movies with a twist in the tale. you'll probably find influences from all of these in the signature style of my work - the drama and escapism of the cinema, the aesthetic and grace of mid-century lines and the texture and warmth of your favourite record.

i'm of the opinion that your attitude is far more important than what you look like when you're in front of my camera. my shoots are fun, rewarding and leave you with a huge sense of empowerment. keeping things relaxed and light-hearted is my aim, your comfort and confidence from our first contact right through to seeing your finished photos is very important to me. i want your jaw to drop, and it will...

my work has been life-changing for all kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons. i asked them to reveal what it felt like to create something amazing with me. boy, did they answer.

you're probably thinking of contacting me now. who could blame you? let's talk about your shoot today.



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paula & i on honeymoon, hawaii. photo by amanda thomsen

paula & i on honeymoon, hawaii. photo by amanda thomsen