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Session 1 - Achieving a Cinematic Style

Session 1 - Achieving a Cinematic Style

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camp timberlane, ontario, canada

june 12th 2018 - 1pm - 3 hours

limited to just 15 seats!

this session will include:

how I create cinematic photoshoots

how to prepare both your model and your scene

how to choose a location and dress it using mise en scene

lighting for a cinematic shoot

how to style your model like a film star

how to direct a shoot like an auteur

the benefits of taking an actor-director approach

building characters and motivations

using music and suggestion to enhance a shoot

when to experiment

frame composition and the power of cropping

angles and what they do to an image

editing choices

why presentation of images matters

- this session will include a live shoot with a model and how I set up a scene, bring a camera!

- my aim is for this session to be interactive, fun, hands-on and for everyone to take away ideas that really push your artistic boundaries

- you can ask me anything, no secrets, no holding back

- after the session you will continue to receive support and critique/advice on your images and your direction via email. we're buddies now, no question is too small