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Session 2 - Intimate Lifestyle Photography as an Art Form

Session 2 - Intimate Lifestyle Photography as an Art Form

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camp timberlane, ontario, canada

june 13th - 4pm - 3 hours

limited to just 15 seats!

this session will include:

how to think like an artist and express that via your imagery

the importance of shooting for yourself

prioritising creative fulfilment and what that does for your soul

getting inspired and energised

how to grow and develop as an artist

using chiaroscuro and low-key lighting

creative shooting using prisms and other effects

how to find your own groove and shooting differently to your peers

finding your 'why'

why developing a relationship with a muse could enhance your style

pushing boundaries, breaking rules

why it shouldn't be all about the money

developing your 'taste' and uniqueness with editing

- this session will include a live shoot with a model and how I set up a scene, bring a camera!

- my aim is for this session to be interactive, fun, hands-on and for everyone to take away ideas that really push your artistic boundaries

- you can ask me anything, no secrets, no holding back

- after the session you will continue to receive support and critique/advice on your images and your direction via email. we're buddies now, no question is too small