looking back, but moving forward

"life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - anais nin.

sometime in 2014, i read the above quote. it sat with me for days, digesting, resonating within me. i realised that every time i shot, every photo i had the opportunity to take was because of the courage to reach out, to ask for help, to make a connection, to risk, to be willing to lose.

i won't always have that courage, i know this, but every good thing that has happened to me in the past year (maybe ever!) has been the result of saying yes, making time for adventure and none for fear. this mantra manifested in both my photography and my outlook on everything else.

sometimes my life did shrink and i could have been more prolific or more daring, but most of the time it expanded in incredible, life-altering ways. i met new souls who gave me valuable perspective on life, travelled to new and enriching lands, shared many laughs with friends old and new and enjoyed being at liberty to express myself however i saw fit - both creatively and existentially.

i'd like to say thanks to all those who helped me make 2014 the year i started again. all the kind souls who trusted me to shoot them, all the wedding industry friends who gave me opportunities to deliver, all those who have been giving me the feedback i need to develop my style and myself.

most of all, thank you paula - you are my muse, my rock and my hero.

the following is a selection of photographs that give me the fondest memories of the last 365 days. a mix of beauty, truth, energy and quiet contemplation. friends, strangers, lovers and storytellers. 


alex charilaou