abjects - studio


abjects are a 3 piece band based in london, uk. hailing from around the globe, they are charming audiences around the country with their refreshingly compact fusion of punk, surf-rock and dreamy vocals. i captured them on a sultry summer's evening at their rehearsal studios witnessing them honing their songs and the birth of some new ones..


noemi. spanish, charismatic, loud. she has the flair of a flamenco dancer, the fire and passion of the galician sun.

guitar, vocals. 

yuki. japanese, precise, mysterious. super-cool, the ice to noemi's fire - making them a perfect duo at front of stage.

bass, vocals.

alice. italian, patient, positive. plays with great focus, poise and a room-illuminating smile.

drums, vocals.

shooting these girls was a pleasure, their combination of great music, killer style, dedication to their craft and willingness to let loose is infectious. i predict great things from abjects in the near future, lend them your ears.

check them out here and here