boudoir - rachel by alex charilaou


shooting boudoir should be comfortable, exhilarating and fun! rachel brought this sense of abandonment and joy to her shoot and it shows in this set. she also happens to look like a filmstar here, a testament to her confidence.

we concocted a character and a story for her shoot as loose direction and inspiration for what could be captured. this freed rachel to explore other dimensions to her personality while keeping the essence of what makes her such a pleasure to be around. 



abjects - recording by alex charilaou

arriving at r.i.p. studios in primrose hill, i find abjects getting set up to record their 'gone ep' in a hail of microphones, a rainbow of cabling and needle spiking feedback. their riotous riffs exploded around the soundproofed sanctum as the mixing table crackled to life, committing the vibrations and energy from these 3 livewires to history.

this process reminded my why i take photographs. pushing my creativity to deliver and produce a recording of a moment in time to enrich memories of the future. for abjects, it is a sonic tapestry, a fury of attitude wrapped in melody. for me, a capture of light becomes a visual reference that remains bright where a memory can fade.

find the video for the lead track 'gone' - here.



boudoir - elle by alex charilaou

"many of the bravest never are known, and get no praise. but that does not lessen their beauty..."

- louisa may alcott